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Brotherhood Instructors, LLC on the Fire Rescue Safety Blade

Kevin Legacy, co-owner of firefighter trainers and our partners Brotherhood Instructors, LLC, on the Fire Rescue Safety Blade:  “Since September of 2009, Brotherhood Instructors, LLC has been using the (Fire Rescue Safety Blade) on our power saws. Working in the fire service and in construction throughout the years, myself and the staff of 50-plus instructors employed with us at (Brotherhood Instructors) have had the opportunity to use many different types of power saw blades, whether it is […]

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Diamond Saw Blades

Learn About Diamond Saw Blades Diamond saw blades are, without a doubt, the best blades available to the public. Diamonds are a type of long-lasting, superabrasive material and are used in a number of applications, including concrete blades, masonry blades, and asphalt blades. You may wonder how diamond saw blades work, though; after all, they don’t have teeth like wood-cutting blades and are designed to cut materials that are a lot harder than wood. So, […]

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