Desert Diamond Industries Give Back

It’s no secret that safety is top priority at Desert Diamond Industries. We are the home of The Safety Blade™ as well as the Lifetime Operator Error Warranty. Desert Diamond Industries believes that there is absolutely no excuse for selling unsafe products. You have the right to the safest and…

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A Message from the CEO

“I believe in a world without conventional abrasive blades! I believe that every worker has a right to use the safest, most effective tools to perform their craft and to contribute to society as a whole.” Desert Diamond Industries, was founded in Las Vegas, NV…

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How to Cut Decorative Joints in Concrete, by

You’ve probably seen decorative joints in concrete before, from faux paving stones to circular medallions. You may have even wondered how they’re made. After all, saw blades only cut in straight lines, right? According to Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute, not really. Harris shows…

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How to Use Ladders to Access Roofs Safely, by Firefighter Toolbox

Photo courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors, LLC Last week, Lt. John Hayowyk, Jr. of the Passaic, NJ Fire Department posted the first of a three-part series at Firefighter Toolbox on how to use upwind adjacent buildings to access roofs. He continues that series this week with an article on how to use ladders…

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How to Access Roofs during Fires, by Firefighter Toolbox

Photo courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors, LLC We’ve posted a lot about roof ventilation here, including how to size up roofs, how to carry your saw and start it safely, how to make safe ventilation cuts in flat roofs and peaked roofs, not to mention all the other things you can…

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How to Control Dust when Cutting Concrete, by Concrete Network

Controlling respirable crystalline silica dust can prevent lung conditions like silicosis, COPD, tuberculosis, and lung cancer. The best way to do that, aside from wearing a respirator, is wet-cutting. However, wet-cutting has disadvantages: it’s messy and not suited for indoor cutting, not all saws are equipped for…

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