Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw

Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw

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The Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw is designed for heavy duty everyday use, with a large 7.9 HP engine to reduce saw bogging, especially when using larger 16" blades.

Need a flat or walk-behind saw? The Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw easily converts to a walk-behind or flat saw with the Husqvarna KV970/K1260 Cutting Cart. See our Husqvarna equipment for details.

Need a blade for your saw? We recommend the Safety Blade.

The Husqvarna K970-16" Gas Saw is now covered by Husqvarna's 1-year Gold Medal Equipment Warranty.


Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw Benefits

  • Our Most Powerful Rotary Handheld Saw: The Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw's large 7.9 HP engine reduces bogging in cuts.
  • Cuts Closer to Walls and Floors: With the Husqvarna K12970-16" Gas Saw's reversible cutting arm.
  • More Power With Less Fumes and Fuel:The Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw's X-torq® engine increases power while reducing emissions and fuel use, and its Smartcarb™ carburetor maintains high power with less fuel.
  • Less Downtime: With the Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw's Active Air Filtration™.
  • Poly V-belt: The Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw's Poly V-belt delivers better power transmission and increases saw life with less retensioning.

Husqvarna K1270-16" Gas Saw Specifications

  • Weight Without Cutting Equipment: 32.1 pounds
  • Cutting Depth: 6" deep
  • Blade Width: 16"
  • Horsepower: 7.9 HP
  • Engine: 2-stroke, air cooled
  • Displacement: 119 cc
  • Vibration Level: 3.6 m/s2 (front handle), 4.1 m/s2 (rear handle)
  • Sound Power Level lwa: 118 db(a)
  • Sound Pressure Level: 102 db(a)
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.33 gal.
  • Wet/Dry Cutting: Can be used for both wet and dry cutting with DEX water-saving wet-cutting kit.

Husqvarna K1270 Gas Saws Are Designed For:

  • Heavy industrial usage.
  • Hard or difficult materials.
  • As a substitute for walk-behind saws.

Who Uses Husqvarna K1270 Gas Saws?

  • Paving contractors.
  • Heavy construction companies.
  • Concrete contractors.
  • City street and water departments.
  • State Departments of Transportation.
  • Underground contractors.
  • Professional concrete cutters.
  • Fire departments and urban search and rescue teams.
  • Demolition companies.
  • Construction companies.
  • Masonry and landscaping contractors.
  • Recycling yards, scrap yards and junk yards.
  • Excavation contractors.
  • Rental stores.