Single Row Cup Wheels

desertdiamondindustries-info-iconDiamond grinders with single rows of grinding segments for very fast material removal, grinding, and floor preparation.Grinds: Concrete, stone, granite, marble, brick, and block.

Removes: Paint and coatings.



Single Row Cup Wheels

Single Row Cup Wheels have single rows of diamond segments for extremely fast material removal, grinding and floor preparation. They also feature air flow holes for more efficient dust collection. Use Single Row Cup Wheels for everything from simple clean-up to shaping and grinding concrete, stone, marble, granite, brick and block. Also ideal for paint and coating removal. Designed for angle grinders.

The Single Row Cup Wheel is covered by our signature Life Time Operator Error Warranty, so you can grind, smooth and remove material, paint and coatings from concrete, stone, granite, marble, block and brick without worrying about your cup wheel losing segments, warping, wobbling or cracking from normal use.




Single Row Cup Wheel Benefits

  • Speeds Up Work: Single Row Cup Wheels grind and remove material extremely fast.
  • Life Time Operator Error Warranty: Single Row Cup Wheels come with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry and are warrantied for life against any and all damages.

Single Row Cup Wheel Specifications

  • Diamond Grit: Available in coarse, medium or fine grit
  • Segment Height: 0.197" (5mm)
  • Diamond Content: 41%
  • Wet/Dry Grinding: Can be used for both wet and dry grinding

Single Row Cup Wheels Are Designed For:

  • Very fast grinding and floor preparation in concrete, stone, marble, granite, brick and block.
  • Material, paint and coating removal.

Who Uses Single Row Cup Wheels?

  • Flooring contractors
  • Concrete companies
  • Remodelling companies
  • Anyone who needs to grind down high spots in floors, sidewalks and other surfaces.

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