ICS Pipe Clamp

desertdiamondindustries-info-iconCreates a solid, stable cutting platform when cutting pipe. Reduces effort of saw handling.

Designed for ICS 890PG chain saws.

Financing available ($1,000 minimum purchase).


ICS Pipe Clamp

The ICS Pipe Clamp - Never Cut Pipe The Same Way Again

The ICS Pipe Clamp accessory; developed for underground pipe cutting, brings a whole new level of safety, accuracy and ease of use to the job. With a simple adaptor, you can mount your saw to this clamp anddramatically reduce the effort of handling your saw, while providing a solid, stable cutting platform that willimprove operator safety and cut precision.

Aids cutting ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe, PVC pipe and Insituform pipe lining.

The ICS Pipe Clamp is designed for the ICS 880F4 hydraulic chain saw



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ICS Pipe Clamp Benefits

  • Greater Safety: The ICS Pipe Clamp gives you a solid, stable cuting platform.
  • Increases Cutting Speed and Reduces Fatigue: The ICS Pipe Clamp lets you use more leverage on your saw during cuts.
  • Improves Cutting Accuracy and Ease.

ICS Pipe Clamps are Designed for:

  • Starting your cut from the bottom of a piece of pipe.
  • Providing leverage to complete the job faster and safer.

Who uses ICS Pipe Clamps?

  • Governmental water & sewer departments.
  • Underground utility contractors.
  • Excavation contractors.
  • Demolition companies.