ICS Speedhooks For ICS Hydraulic Chain Saws

desertdiamondindustries-info-iconHelps you make straighter, more accurate cuts with less effort. Perfect for cutting doors and windows. Designed for the ICS 814PRO and ICS 890F4.

Financing available ($1,000 minimum purchase).


ICS Speedhook

The ICS Speedhook lets you cut straighter and with less effort. It's lightweight, expandable, ambidextrous andcosts less than a wall saw. The ICS Speedhook is the perfect accessory for cutting doors and windows.




Designed for use with ICS's 814PRO Concrete-Cutting Hydraulic Chain Saw and 880F4 Ductile Iron Pipe-Cutting Hydraulic Chain Saw.

ICS Speedhook Benefits

  • Make Straighter, More Accurate Cuts: The ICS Speedhook locks your saw into a single pivot. Less movement means straighter cuts and greater accuracy.
  • Cut Vertically or Horizontally: The ICS Speedhook can be set up for vertical or horizontal cuts, so it's perfect for cutting door and window openings.
  • Cut with Less Effort: The ICS Speedhook supports the weight of your saw during cutting.
  • Fit to Any Size: The ICS Speedhook comes in 42" lengths that can be fitted together. It can grow to fit any job.
  • Cut Straighter for Less: The ICS Speedhook gives you an inexpensive alternative to wall saws when matched with ICS's 880F4 or 814PRO hydraulic chainsaws.

ICS Speedhook Specifications

  • Weight: Rail only - 18 lbs. (8 kg.)
  • Size: 42"L x 3.5"W

ICS Speedhooks Are Designed For:

  • Making straight, accurate and deep cuts.
  • Cutting doors, windows and similar openings.

Who Uses ICS Speedhooks?

  • Construction contractors.
  • Concrete cutters.



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