966563703 - Husqvarna PP65 PRIME Power Pack

966563703 - Husqvarna PP65 PRIME Power Pack

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Husqvarna PP65 PRIME Power Pack is an electric power pack designed for use with the K6500, K6500 Ring, and K6500 Chain Electric Saws and the DM650 Drill Motor.  Suitable for applications where easy transportation to and around the job site is required. Can be used in surroundings where water usage should be kept at a minimum. Part #966563703

Husqvarna PP65 PRIME Power Pack Benefits:

  • Easy to carry and use because of low weight and ergonomic design.
  • Digital menu and display for efficient control and service of the unit.
  • The PP unit is separated from the cutting equipment, which means less exposure to dirt and vibrations.
  • It can connect to both 3- and 1-phase power supplies.
  • It is air-cooled – the water connection is needed only for wet cutting.

Husqvarna PP65 PRIME Power Pack Technical specifications:

  • Power 3-phase/1-phase = 8.7 hp/4.7 hp (6.5kW/3.5kW).
  • Rated current = 10 amp/16 amp.
  • Voltage 3-phase/1-phase = 200-480 volts/ 220-240 volts.
  • Cooling = Air.
  • Recommended minimum size generator = 10 kW.