Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blades

desertdiamondindustries-info-iconThe Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blade are multipurpose diamond blades for water departments, utilities and underground contractors. It can cut ductile iron pipe, black iron pipe, and galvanized steel pipe. Best of all, it cuts up to 10" deep, twice as deep as standard 14" blades, so you can excavate less, increase safety, and save money.  Metal Cuting Ring Saw Blades are designed for use on Husqvarna K970 and K3600 ring saws.

Metal Cutting Iron Ring Saw Blade Benefits

  • Cutting Depth: The Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blade cuts 10" deep, twice the depth of standard 14" blades. Deeper cuts can reduce excavation of buried pipe and conduits and increase your safety and profits.
  • Wet/Dry Cutting:  Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blades can be used for both wet and dry cutting.

Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blade Specifications

  • Segment Height: 0.200" (5mm)
  • Segment Weld: Laser-welded

Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blades Are Designed For:

  • Ductile, cast, angle and black iron.
  • Galvanized steel.
  • Schedule 40 & 80 steel pipe, PVC, HDPE, C-900, and plastic pipe.


Who Uses Metal Cutting Ring Saw Blades?

  • Underground contractors.
  • Water departments.
  • Underground utilities.
  • Anyone who wants to cut buried conduits and pipe with less excavation and greater safety.

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