See What People Are Saying About Our Great Diamond Blades

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Joshua Milligan, Welding Instructor San Bernardino Valley College

When the Welding Program at San Bernardino Valley College was approached by Desert Diamond Industries, we had doubts about the value of purchasing expensive diamond blades. It was decided that it was worth giving them a try.
The results have been unbelievable.
We have using the same Desert Diamond Industries chop saw blade for over 5 months. By using, I should probably say something more like: "Students cutting just about anything you might find in a welding shop, often, with welds, slag, dross, etc. not removed before cutting like it should be."
The blade still has diamond on the edge and continues to cut anything the students put in front of it. I don't have a count of how many traditional abrasive blades would have been used up doing the same work but it's probably in the hundreds.
Dessert Diamond has our full endorsement for their products we have tried. They are the best blades we have seen.

Stuart R. Fisher, Master FF/Medic Specialist Newport News Fire Department

After experiencing failures of several saw blades the Newport News Fire Department began to look for and evaluate different types of diamond saw blades for use in our 14” rotary cutoff saws that are carried on our Rescues, Squads, and Ladder Trucks. For example, we were using our saws to ventilate a metal storage structure, and several of the saw blades failed during the operation. The Crews who were using the saws noticed that segments of the blade were breaking off. Furthermore, upon inspecting the other blades that had been used during that incident we found several stress cracks.
This prompted our department to search for, test, and evaluate different types of saw blades in order to find a blade that would best fit our needs and stand up to the rigors of performing under emergency incident use without failing. In order to conduct this evaluation, we chose six different brands of blades to test. Each blade had to cut through seven different materials. Throughout each of the testing scenarios one blade consistently out-performed all of the other blades.
Below is a listing of each of the materials used for testing the saw blades:

1. Commercial aggregate imbedded in sealer over felt membrane with ¾ in plywood.
2. Metal corrugated roof over felt membrane and ¾ in plywood.
3. Single layer residential asphalt shingle over felt membrane and ¾ in plywood.
4. Multiple layer residential asphalt shingle over felt membrane and ¾ in plywood.
5. 1/8 in. rubber membrane over felt membrane and ¾ in plywood.
6. ½ in. rubber over ¾ in plywood.
7. Reinforced concrete.

A timed 4–inch cut was made on each of the above listed materials, and temperatures were recorded with use of a thermal imaging camera. In addition, we also videoed each saw blade while it was in the cutting process in order to more closely evaluate the saw blade’s performance.
During the tests, several blades retained an extreme amount of heat, wobbled, and distorted dramatically during the cutting process. Due to safety precautions, we discontinued testing these particular blades further. Several of the other blades would bind in the material, prompting the operator to stop, pull saw out of material, and re-rev the saw back up to operating RPMs before being able to continue the cut.
Our results from the tests demonstrated that the Desert Diamond Industries Rescue Safety Blade cut more smoothly, at a faster rate, remained cooler during the cut than the other blades, and never bound up in the material. The Desert Diamond Industries Rescue Safety Blade also cut faster in concrete when compared to a concrete diamond wet blade.
To date, Newport News Fire Department has had the Desert Diamond Rescue blades in service for approximately 1-1/2 years, and we have not had a blade fail. We would recommend this blade to any fire department with rotary cutoff saws for fire ventilation or rescue.

Mark Gregory, P.L. Vulcan Fire Training Concepts LLC

P.L. Vulcan Fire Training is the industry leader in providing training to rescuers on machinery entrapment emergencies. We have used many different brands of abrasive discs in our program. The Desert Diamond [Industry Safety Blade] stands the test of time as far as we are concerned. The brand far outweighs the lifespan of the abrasive discs. A large variety of material can be cut by this blade without the amount of heat generation or spark production we have seen with abrasives. This is quite important when dealing with a victim that is in contact with the metal being cut. The blade is quite aggressive and must be trained upon by members. The risk of shattered blades is no longer an issue for us as well as lost time due to frequent blade changes. P.L. Vulcan recommends the Desert Diamond Blade to all of our students.

Owner/Expert Trainer, Brotherhood Instructors, LLC

I just wanted to say a couple of things about the Vacuum Brazed Safety Blade. I have been using it since September of ‘09 and it is still going strong. We have it on a Partner 950 saw and it really cuts great. We have had hundreds of students use the blade cutting mostly steel and it is still cutting. I also like the fact that hardly any sparks come from the blade when cutting steel. In some instances we have burnt holes in firefighting gear with sparks from the aluminum oxide blades. I also like the fact there is no aluminum oxide dust to worry about. No dust, hardly any sparks and the fact it is one piece construction makes this the safest blade I have ever used. We use this blade a lot more than most fire departments would ever use so it is very cost effective compared to the abrasive disks. If matched with higher power saw such as the Partner 950 this could be the last forcible entry blade some fire departments would ever have to buy. We have a full class schedule this year and I will give you more feedback as I get it. Thanks for producing a great product.

Senior Captain Ronald Krusleski Houston Fire Department ARFF

We used the 16" Safety Blade on a Boeing 727 fuselage during a four-day rescue class. This blade was unbelievable on how quick it cut through the fuselage. We used one blade for a day and part of another day before we changed to a new blade. In the past, we would have gone through multiple blades in one day. I have been in the fire service for 28 years and I have never used a blade that worked as efficient as this blade. We will be ordering more blades to replace the few we used during our training.

Mike Borean, Welding Instructor A.W.S., C.S.A., Seneca College

My name is Mike Borean. I am a millwright, welder, commercial diver and supervisor, and I teach underwater welding at Seneca College in King City, Ontario, Canada. I also sit on the Canadian Standards Association committee for welding and cutting, as well as the American Welding Society D3.6 committee for underwater welding and cutting. I endorse the cutting/grinding wheels from Desert Diamond. They are of exceptional quality, and are the safest grinding wheels I know about on the market. This is very important in our topside welding shops to have a grinding wheel that you can count on not to come apart, but especially important for our commercial diver/welders. Regular bonded stone grinding wheels used underwater can collect water and suffer imbalance when used topside. The diamond coated steel wheel eliminates this possibility, and the long wear life of the wheel is certainly worth the cost.

I recommend the Desert Diamond grinding and cutting wheels to any operation to reduce consumable costs, and increase safety.