Handheld Asphalt Blades
Handheld Asphalt Blades

Handheld Asphalt Blades

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Handheld Asphalt Blades are designed for wet and dry cutting on handheld saws (up to 18") and walk-behind saws up to 20 HP. They come with carbide inserts and drop segments to prevent undercutting and potentially fatal segment loss, allowing them to cut asphalt, green concrete, CMU block, sandstone, and other abrasive materials.

Handheld Asphalt Blades are perfect for construction and building projects, for highway and road work, and for repairing or laying utility lines under driveways, parking lots, and pavement.


Handheld Asphalt Blade Benefits

  • Undercut Protection: Handheld Asphalt Blades have carbide inserts and drop segments to prevent potentially fatal segment loss when cutting asphalt and other abrasive materials.
  • Life Time Operator Error Warranty: Handheld Asphalt Blades come with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry and are warrantied for life against any and all damages.

Handheld Asphalt Blade Specifications

  • Segment Height: 0.394" (10mm)
  • Segment Weld: Laser-welded to steel cores
  • Wet/Dry Cutting: Can be used for both wet and dry cutting

Handheld Asphalt Blades Are Designed For:

  • Asphalt.
  • Green concrete.
  • CMU Block.
  • Sandstone.
  • Other abrasive materials.

Who Uses Handheld Asphalt Blades?

  • Construction and building companies and contractors.
  • Highway, road, and transportation departments.
  • Asphalt contractors.
  • Concrete contractors.
  • Utility companies.


Life Time Operator Error Warranty

With over 20 years of experience in the diamond blade industry, we want to provide only the best products and services available. This is why we offer the only Life Time Operator Error Warranty in the industry... because if your blade breaks, you should not be left holding the bag.