Husqvarna Core Drills

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We Offer the Most Popular Husqvarna Core Drills!

Quick Facts About Our Husqvarna Core Drills

  • Desert Diamond Industries has Husqvarna core drills for coring brick, block, and reinforced concrete.
  • We carry light, easy-to-handle portable Husqvarna core drills.
  • We also carry mounted core drill kits for more accurate stitch and core drilling.
  • Our mounted core drill kits can accommodate core bits up to 10″ in diameter, while our handheld core drills can accommodate core bits up to 6″ in diameter when mounted on optional drill stands.

Desert Diamond Industries isn’t just about saw blades. We also carry Husqvarna’s most popular core drills for every kind of coring and drilling, including core drills that can accommodate core bits up to 10″ in diameter. Use them for stitch and core drilling in brick, block,  and reinforced concrete.