Steel Grinding Wheels

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Quick Facts About Our Steel Grinding Discs

Need a grinding disc for metals or almost any other material? We have what you need!

Need the versatility, durability, and safety of our Safety Blades in a grinding disc? Look no further than our steel grinding discs.

Our steel grinding discs have vacuum-brazed diamond and solid steel construction like our Safety Blades, so they won't explode or shatter during grinding. You can even cut with our Safety Blade Grinder/Cutters!

They won't emit hazardous particles or fibers during cutting, so they're healthier to use, like conventional abrasive discs.

Use our steel grinding discs on steel, iron, and other metals. Can also be used on green and reinforced concrete, PVC, plastic, brick, paving brick, block, and stone.

Ideal for foundries, water departments, and anyone else who needs to grind metal.