Why Choose Us

Home of the Safety Blade™

Desert Diamond Industries is the one and only home of The Safety Blade™ – the safest, fastest, and most versatile cutting diamond blade that you can buy! The Safety Blade™ will not shatter or explode like abrasive blades, nor will it emit hazardous silicon carbide fibers during cutting- It doesn’t trade performance for safety, though. The Safety Blade™ cuts steel and iron – including ductile iron! – as well as schedule 40 and 80 pipe, PVC, HDPE, RCP, clay and ceramic pipe, concrete, asphalt, brick, block, stone, ceramic tile, wood and more, and it cuts them faster and for longer than any abrasive blade. There are many imitators and imitations, but there is only one Safety Blade!™

Life Time Operator Error Warranty™

Desert Diamond Industries offers the only Life Time Operator Error Warranty™ in the diamond blade industry. It protects you against operator damage for the life of the diamond blade, grinder or core bit. We know that accidents happen. Blades get dropped, broken, run over, bound up in cuts, even blown up. You can’t avoid these accidents, and we don’t think you should be left holding the bag when they happen . /p>

Your Safety - Our Priority!!™

Desert Diamond Industries believes that there is absolutely no excuse for selling unsafe products. You have the right to the safest and most effective tools that you can get. You have the right to go home at the end of the day, instead of the hospital or morgue. That’s why we believe diamond blades that get the job done at the expense of safety are unacceptable, period. Your job is unsafe enough as it is. You don’t need tools that make a dangerous situation even more so.

We've Been Where You Are

Our design team has years of experience in welding, carpentry, construction and concrete cutting. We didn’t just learn about these jobs in a classroom; we’ve done them for a living. We’ve been where you are – cutting and grinding from the boiling heat to the bitter cold; in the rain and snow; working for 10, 12 and even 16 hours a day. We know what it’s like to use unsafe or badly designed diamond blades. That’s why we founded Desert Diamond Industries: because we want to make diamond blades that we would use.

We Have the Diamond Blades That You Want

In addition to the Safety Blade, we carry a wide range of diamond grinders, core bits and cup wheels- as well as blades for stone, masonry, concrete and asphalt. We have carbide blades for firefighters who need roof ventilation, forcible entry and extrication blades. We have early entry blades for concrete cutters making relief joints in green concrete, and we have ring saw blades for water and utility workers cutting buried pipe. No matter what your job is or what you need to cut, we have the diamond blade that was made for it.

We Have the Tools and Equipment That You Need

Need a saw for your diamond blade? How about a pair of work gloves? A set of safety goggles? Or even a back brace? Desert Diamond Industries has you covered. We offer almost everything that you need to do your job- including saws, high-visibility gear, safety equipment, ergonomic supports, even tool bags.