Desert Diamond Industries Strives To Create And Maintain Partnerships To Help Make The Workplace Safer For Everyone


Kevin Legacy has been a firefighter for over 30 years and has been training other firefighters for almost as long. His impressive resume includes co-owner of Brotherhood Instructors in Goshen, NY, which he joined in 2007.

“We teach basic and advanced firefighting skills to fire department and emergency services,” Legacy said about Brotherhood Instructors. We are a for-hire LLC that adapts our classes to the needs of the organization that hires us. Our instructors are not only fire or emergency personnel but also have a background in numerous skilled trades.”

“Much of the emergency services training is governed by ‘flavor of the times’ type training.” he added “We however focus on building the basic fire and rescue skills that are taught early on in one’s career. Using experience and street-smart skills with a hands-on approach, we can explain a skill and have a student execute that skill in a safe controlled environment.”

“Brotherhood Instructors uses the Safety Blade for power saw training and, along with the Fire Rescue Safety Blade, for machinery extrication training,” Legacy said. He and his fellow instructors are also active firefighters, and they use Desert Diamond Industries blades on a daily basis at their jobs.

“Time and time again Desert Diamond products have proven to provide safe and successful operations for both emergency and training use. Thank you for continuing your unsurpassed emphasis on safety with your products,” said Legacy.

Their use of the Safety Blade has paid big safety dividends. Brotherhood Instructors have had their saws jam on sawn-off lock shanks at least twice during training. These accidents would have shattered other diamond blades and possibly injured the saws’ operators, but not the solid steel Fire Rescue Safety Blade.

“That’s why we added Desert Diamond Industries to our training program. Training safe encourages operational safety,” Legacy said.

Desert Diamond Industries CEO Nicholas Mione agreed.

“They know a good product when they see it,” he said. “Having the experience of what products are required for a safe and successful rescue of all involved, it just gives credence to what we do.”

Mione added that he was proud that Brotherhood Instructors is using the Safety Blade to help train the nation’s firefighters.

“They come highly recommended from us,” he said. “We endorse them, and we have since 2009.”

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