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Deep-Cutting ICS Chainsaws for Concrete and Ductile Iron!

Quick Facts About Our ICS Chainsaws

  • ICS chainsaws cut to the full length of their guidebars. That’s up to three times deeper than circular saws of the same size.
  • ICS hydraulic chainsaws cut with less emissions. They’re designed for confined areas where air quality is a concern.
  • ICS chainsaws can cut stone, brick, and reinforced concrete with ProFORCE and TwinMAX chains or ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, HDPE, and Insituform pipe lining with PowerGrit chains.

ICS chainsaws are built for water departments, excavators, and anyone else who cuts buried pipe and conduits. They cut ductile iron, cast iron, concrete, and other materials up to three times deeper than other saws, reducing excavation and increasing safety.