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Tuck Pointer Triple Blades

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Need to remove mortar or prepare joints in a brick or masonry surface? You need Tuck Pointer Triple Blades. They are designed for heavy-duty tuck pointing, and its three-blade design reduces friction and increases cutting speed.


Tuck Pointer Triple Blade Benefits

  • Faster Cutting:  Tuck Pointer Triple Blades have a three-blade design that reduces friction and increases cutting speed.
  • Heavy Duty: Tuck Pointer Triple Blades are made for heavy-duty tuck pointing and masonry joint preparation.

Tuck Pointer Triple Blade Specifications

  • Segment Height: 0.394" (10mm)
  • Segment Weld: Laser-welded to steel cores
  • Wet/Dry Cutting: Can be used for both wet and dry cutting

Tuck Pointer Triple Blades Are Designed For:

  • Tuck pointing mortar.
  • Preparing joints in bricks and other masonry.

Who Uses Tuck Pointer Triple Blades?

  • Masons.
  • Bricklayers.