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Double Row Cup Wheels

Double Row Cup Wheels

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Double Row Cup Wheels have two rows of diamond segments for fast material removal, grinding and floor preparation with semi-smooth finishes. They feature air flow holes for more efficient dust collection.

Use Double Row Cup Wheels anywhere you need semi-smooth surfaces. They have a wide range of uses, from simple clean-up to shaping and polishing concrete, stone, marble, granite, brick, and block. Also ideal for paint and coating removal. Designed for angle grinders.


Double Row Cup Wheel Benefits

  • Speeds Up Work: Double Row Cup Wheels grind and remove material, paint and coatings fast.
  • Leaves Semi-Smooth Finishes: With Double Row Cup Wheels' double rows of diamond grinding segments.

Double Row Cup Wheel Specifications

  • Diamond Grit: Available in coarse, medium or fine grit
  • Segment Height: 0.197" (5mm)
  • Diamond Content: 41%
  • Wet/Dry Grinding: Can be used for both wet and dry grinding

Double Row Cup Wheels Are Designed For:

  • Fast grinding and floor preparation in concrete, stone, marble, granite, brick ,and block.
  • Material, paint and coating removal.

Who Uses Double Row Cup Wheels?

  • Flooring contractors.
  • Concrete companies.
  • Remodeling companies.
  • Anyone who needs to grind down high spots in floors, sidewalks and other surfaces.